Me and My Fancy New Vaping Pen That Beats the Competition I Reviewed

I was going to give vaping another chance to help me stay away from cigarettes and chewing tobacco. I was hooked on them all. I smoked cigars, pipes and even rolled my own cigarettes out of tobacco blends I made myself. I live in a southern state where tobacco will grow right in my back yard. I figured growing, curing and flavoring my own would be less hazardous than the commercial stuff. Well, it is still bad. Vaping held an appeal to me, and the Pax vs Firefly review was what actually got me to go ahead and finally buy a quality vaping pen to try.

I liked smoking. If it was not unhealthy, I would not even have bothered to try and quit. However, I have been smoking for about a decade now. I wanted to be able to still hike long trails and not end up with cancer. The problem is that I had no willpower to be able to stay away form smoking. Now since the real culprit at work here is my dependance on nicotine and not actually the smoke of cigarettes, I figured I could just switch to another route to get nicotine that did not yet come with a Surgeon General’s Warning.

Pipe tobacco, cigar tobacco, chewing tobacco and snuff all had warnings. Vaping was considered to be a much better option for those who want nicotine and are going to get it. My thing was that I wanted full and strong flavor with my vaping pen. I did not want any weak draw or batteries that go dead right in the middle of relaxing with a good vape. This is why I did my research on the best vaping pen to buy if you are using oils and liquids. I was not into the waxes even though my chosen vaping pen could use them. Over time I was able to not use any tobacco anymore. It is now just me and my fancy new vaping pen.